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June 9, 2017

If you have landed on our site it probably means that you are looking for help with your credit score.  Maybe you have been turned down for a home, credit card, or car loan and you just don't know what to do.  Well, that is exactly why we are here.  We are the top resource for people looking for help with their credit.  On our site we have reviewed over 400 different credit repair companies located in every state in the country.  But what exactly should you look deciding to use one?

Do They Have An Office?

This may sound simple but unfortunately there are plenty of credit repair "companies" out there that are just one person operating out of a home or apartment.  They usually do not have a toll free number and may only list a P.O. box address on their site.  The reason why this is bad is because if the company is that small what is to stop that person from just disappearing with your services or god forbid just become unable to work for some reason.  Who would then be there to help you with your credit?  

We recommend choosing a company with an office filled with employees.  It's good that they have not only a frontline person who signs you up for their program but also a customer service department that has set hours you can reach out to them.

How Much Experience Do They Have?

Experience in the Credit industry is extremely important.  You want to ensure that the ownership and managers of the company have plenty of experience in the credit, finance, lending, or mortgage related fields.  Experience in these fields guarantees that they have a working understanding of how the credit bureaus score your reports and how that affects you getting a loan.  

What Results Are They Getting?

You may not always be able to see the results a company gets but every company website you view should have at least have some testimonials from clients and copies of actual credit report deletion letters.  If they don't it means they not be getting results at all or the results they get aren't that great.   Also, you can deduce whether or not a company is getting results from checking online and seeing what kind of feedback their clients are leaving them on sites like this, yelp, and others.

What Are They Charging?

Of course price is always going to be important when choosing a Credit Repair company.  What is the point of doing it if you can't afford it.  But you also need to wary of companies that promise extreme results for almost no money.  A reputable company will invest a lot in getting your credit reports cleaned in time, effort, money, and people. So it should be expected there should be some cost associated with it.  Remember the Golden Rule of Shopping "if it seems to good to be true it most likely is"

Do They Have A Money Back Guarantee?

Lastly, do they have a guarantee?  Any company willing to stake their money on the job usually has confidence they can do the job.  This is why we highly recommend checking every company you consider and asking them if they have a money-back guarantee and what are the details. 

Please also as you look for a company check out our review of each company.  Our top companies are ones that we know will be able to help their clients get the best credit possible.

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