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At we have complied the most comprehensive list of credit repair companies around the country and reviewed them based on criteria that we feel consumers should be looking at.  Researching credit repair companies can be very difficult, but it is extremely important that you do so when dealing with something as important as your credit. Credit repair should not be a service that you pay for out of convenience; it is a service you should put in the hands of experts who know what they are doing and can really help you.  Credit and credit repair are much more complex than many will have you believe and many financial companies don't even really know how credit scores or credit reporting works. Below is a list of companies with reviews based on our opinions as well as consumer opinions and experts opinions in the industry. We encourage you to always do your research when looking for a credit repair company and hopefully this site will help you to make an informed decision. In our opinion one company clearly is head and shoulders above the rest and we have listed CRE Credit Services as our top ranked company. Most credit repair review sites are paid by the companies they review when someone signs up with them.  Our site is not an affiliate program and we do not get paid from any for leads or enrollments. Our site is funded by visitors going to our resources tab above and selecting our offers for credit cards, credit reports, and other financial benefits to help you start to build your financial and credit foundation. 

Dispute My Credit

#1st Rated

 Highest deletion/correction rate in the country
 Owned by nation's leading credit expert
 Best money back guarantee

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