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Why are you different from other credit repair ranking websites?

Almost all ranking sites including just about all credit repair ranking sites rank credit repair companies by how much they get paid by that credit repair company through an affiliate marketing program.  Although there is certainly nothing wrong with affiliate marketing many of these credit repair ranking sites will have you believe they are recommending the best choices for you at the top of their list when in fact they are based off how much they are paid and the technology/ability for that company to convert you as a client so that they can get paid.  These days it is becoming very difficult for consumers to figure out whom to trust especially in the credit repair industry. actually understands the credit repair industry and what consumers are looking for.  If you are looking for the leading online resource for credit repair companies this is the website for you!

What kind of information do you look at when you are ranking credit repair companies?

I suggest you check out our how we rank page as we have developed the most sophisticated ranking process for credit repair companies.  Many companies ranked at the top of websites will be the companies with the cheapest prices.  This is because affiliate marketers like to rank companies with cheaper prices higher on their site, because they believe consumers are more likely to sign up and therefore the affiliate marketer will get paid.  We want our consumers to be educated about one of the most important decisions you are going to make. Thousands of credit repair companies are popping up all over the place and many of them have great sales people or money to spend on marketing, but only a select few actually know what they are doing and how to get you results!  These companies will tell consumers they are the same as others or use “slick” sales tactics to try to convince them they are the best when in fact they may be a brand new company working out of a garage. Many individuals are looking to repair their credit so they can obtain some sort of financing and we want to help to make sure you have peace of mind in the decision you make. Choosing the wrong credit repair company can leave a bad taste in your mouth, it can cause you a lot of stress and money, and will still leave you with bad credit.  Our top credit repair companies come highly recommended based on information that is actually important to consumers.  Here are some examples…

Price vs Value- Of course price is important it is always important.  However, value is what is really important.  If a company were to charge you a very small price, but get you no results that does you NO GOOD! If a company were to charge you a lower price, but keep you in their program for a very long time then you end up paying quite a bit more over time and still may not end up with results.  If you are looking to finance something it is important to not only get qualified, but the better qualified you become the better interest rates you will receive.  When you get better interest rates that means you save a lot more money.  Did you know that a 1% difference on a 30 year mortgage is equal to 25% more interest on the value of that loan that you will pay?  That means the difference between the difference between just 1% in interest will cost you $25,000 for every $100,000 you finance.  That is a lot of money.  So investing in a better credit repair company will actually save you a lot more money even if you pay them a little more.  Of course, just because a company is expensive certainly doesn’t make them good either.  So this is why we do significant research to find out what results they get and what reputation they have in addition to many other factors regarding the overall value of using that credit repair company. 

Length in time in business vs Experience-  There is a difference in our opinion of length of time in business and experience.  It is certainly great if a company has been in business for 15 years, but this doesn’t mean they have experience in getting great results.  Maybe it means they are good business people, but not necessarily the best at credit repair.  Someone with very little experience can also be concerning, but who are the people behind the company and what experience do the members of the companies have.  These are all important questions we try to investigate!

Guarantee- Many companies in the credit repair industry don’t offer much of a guarantee and that is understandable.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act says everything on a consumer’s credit report should be accurate, complete, and verifiable.  A credit repair company is not going to be removing items from your credit report that is accurate, complete, and verifiable, however many times before an investigation is done it may be unclear whether it does meet those criteria.  Many companies will say they aren’t allowed to guarantee results and that however, is not really true.  You definitely have to be careful in guaranteeing certain items being removed and results can definitely vary from client to client with any company.  However, it is our opinion that if a company believes their results are as good as they claim they should offer a good guarantee.  Many guarantees we see that they will delete, remove, or change an item on your credit report is not much of a guarantee in our opinion.  This is always something to consider when you are choosing a credit repair company.

Reviews/Complaints-  This is extremely important and takes a lot of investigation.  Many positive reviews online can be posted by the company themselves and many negative reviews can be posted by competitors or disgruntled former employees.  Also, in the credit repair industry it is impossible for any company to make everyone happy, but we have to do is find out how many clients the company actually has compared to the reviews and complaints online.  A company with 100 complaints could be much better than another company with 0 or 5 complaints.  The company with 100 complaints could have 20,000 clients and the company with 5 could have 100 clients.  The percentage of upset clients would then be much higher for the company with much less complaints.  Whether a company has complaints or not does not define whether they are a good company you have to dig much deeper to find out more about that company and the complaints and reviews they have. 

Website Information- To us a lack of education on credit or overall information on a credit repair website is a big warning sign.  If there is very little information many times that means they are a very small company or they don’t know too much about credit.  In addition, if they have information what exactly are they saying?  The majority of credit repair websites with information on them have incorrect information on them.  If they don’t know simple information about credit, we certainly can’t recommend that you trust them with something as important as your repairing your credit. 

Security- If they do not have a physical address that is listed on their website and that can be confirmed then run away!  A company without an office is not a reputable company in the credit repair industry and you can’t hold them accountable.  If they are not listing an address that means they may have something to hide.  Also, more than likely they are operating illegally as well.  Stay away!  In addition, to that what kind of security protocols do they have in place and how are they protecting your information?

Forms of payment- Do they take credit card?  If they only take paypal then think again.  It can be difficult to get merchant processing if you are a credit repair company, because so many fly by night companies will pop up and take your money.  Paypal has fraud protection, but that doesn’t mean you are going to get the service which is what you are really looking for.  If they don’t have credit card processing, that means they don’t have processing history.  This means they are brand new or when they did have history they had a very bad history which means many times a lot of unhappy clients.  Run!!!

Why isn’t Lexington Law or ranked at the top of your list when they are ranked so high on so many other sites?

Those companies are certainly large and they have very large affiliate programs which is why they are ranked so high on many other websites.  However, since we do not run our website based on getting paid by these companies we don’t just add these companies to the top.  In our reviews, we did not find these companies to by one of the top ranked companies and therefore did not rank them that high.  Please look for the entire review of these companies on the companies page.

Can you guarantee that I am going to get good results or a good experience with your top rated companies?

We are only a ranking site and we rank on the most complete criteria ever created for ranking credit repair companies.  We can’t guarantee any experience or results with any of these companies we provide you with a lot of detailed research that can be very difficult to find so you can make the best decision for your situation.  We are currently working on a program we will offer to our ranked companies where if you have any complaints we will contact the company on your behalf and try to help satisfy your situation.  If at any time you would like to contact us about a company on our list feel free to do so at


For Credit Repair Companies

I own or know of a credit repair company that isn’t listed on your website.

There are many credit repair companies and we pride ourselves on being the largest online resources for researching credit repair companies.  It is impossible for us to find them all, but if you would like us to review one please send all contact information, website information, and any addition information you would like to add to

I am unhappy with the ranking of my company on your website.

Unfortunately, in our research not every company will be ranked as high as they would like.  If you would like to add additional information about your company that we may not have considered or known about previously, please provide that information to