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Should I Have Many Small Loans or One Big Loan?

There is some debate over whether it is best to have several small loans to get what you need, or whether you should just have one big loan. This is especially an issue when consumers are thinking about consolidating a lot of small loans and debts into one big loan. The short answer is that it is better to have one big loan, for a couple of different reasons.

First, when you have one big loan, you have one payment each month. This can help your budget. It's also a lot easier to remember to make one payment than several, so you won't have as much stress. Likewise, if you are late making your payment, you will only have one late fee and one angry creditor to deal with.

In addition, part of your credit score is based upon the amount of credit that you have utilized out of what's available to you. When you have a larger loan and make payments on it to reduce your balance, this can look better to potential lenders.

If you have questions about how to make the best of your loans and improve your credit score, we can help. We have provided a list of the top ranked credit repair companies working in the United States for you to browse and find the best one to help you achieve your financial goals.